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Separate your food waste, and Reduce your costs

Separated food waste is collected at a reduced rate, so using your food caddy leads to lower bills!

To further reduce costs, you need to become aware of what and how much you throw out. Being aware of this is the first step to reducing the food, and money you waste. So, when you’re shopping or eating, watch out for foods you purchase too much of and you will save twice.

View this YouTube video on "How to Use the Brown Bin"


IMPORTANT: You must only use PAPER based bin liners, or newspaper to line caddies. Any other type of Bio-degradable liners do not decompose quickly enough, and clog up food waste screening and processing equipment.  

Paper Liners are available Free of Charge from Our Offices in Killarney, Bantry and Listowel.

Help Safeguard the Environment
E.U.environmental regulation states that Ireland must reduce the amount of organic material sent to landfill. When this organic material is in our landfills it releases harmful Greenhouse Gases such as Methane and Carbon Dioxide which contribute to global warming. Also, the liquids (known as leachate) that seep into the ground are extremely harmful to ground water supplies.

The Benefits
Did you know that up to 40% of what's in your waste bin (by weight) is actually organic waste? With a separate collection, it has been proved that householders actually reduce the amount of food waste created, helping to save on waste disposal and SAVE on shopping bills. Food waste collected separately is not subject to landfill tax, so you will save money. Food waste can be composted into a very useful fertiliser for soil conditioning and land reclamation. Food waste can also be processed into a bio-gas, this can be used to generate electricity. Using KWD Recycling brown bin service reduces your Carbon Footprint and saves you money.

What do I receive from KWD Recycling?
• A specially designed 25ltr Brown Caddy
• A specially designed 7ltr Kitchen Caddy

All provided FREE as part of our service to you.
Both containers are sealed with lockable lids- this system has been used for this purpose in Europe and other countries over many years. Odours, animals, pests etc. will not present a problem.

How do I use the new Brown Bin system?
Put some newspaper or compostable paper into the bottom of your 7-litre kitchen caddy. Place all your food waste into the 7-litre caddy and then when full, transfer the waste into the 25-litre caddy.

To find out more, download our information flier:

Food Waste FAQs