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KWD Recycling Kids Recycle Right Initiative

In 2017, KWD Recycling launched our Recycle Right initiative, aimed at educating 3rd and 4th class students across Kerry and West Cork on the importance of proper waste separation and recycling practices. Our dedicated representatives engaged students in lively, interactive sessions, emphasising the positive impact of responsible recycling on our environment.

During these sessions, students are not only taught about waste separation but also given a firsthand look at how collected bins are processed locally and globally. Through engaging visuals and demonstrations, we illustrate the journey of recyclables from collection to processing, fostering a deeper understanding of the recycling process.

To further reinforce learning, each student receives an interactive booklet packed with essential information on recycling, featuring entertaining quizzes and puzzles. At the end of the presentation, students are awarded aRecycling Expert Certificate, along with their booklet, to take home as a testament to their newfound knowledge.

For more information, please visit our dedicated website:  www.kwdkids.com.

Join us in empowering the next generation to make a difference through responsible recycling practices!