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Commercial Customers

At KWD Recycling we have an extensive range of equipment to suit your business needs. To determine the equipment best suited to your requirements and ultimately the best price offered, one of our representatives can visit your business and carry out a completely free survey & recommend the most suitable and economical system suitable to your situation.

We pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and reliable service possible while constantly monitoring any changes in the industry that may improve price and service to our customers. We collect all types of waste and recycling material while billing can be made to your preference, monthly, yearly or even pay per empty basis - whilst new customers can be added to our schedule immediately if needed.

The Range
We offer a complete range of bins including 140ltr, 240ltr, 360ltr, 660ltr and 1100ltr which come colour coded for either landfill waste or recycling materials.

Green Bins

Our Green General Waste Bins will take all general landfill waste you produce, which we can collect at the most competitive rates on the market.

Blue Bins

Our Blue Dry Recycling Bins will take the following material: Cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminium and tin cans mixed, making it easier for the customer and reduce your disposal costs.

All material should be clean, loose and dry in the recycling bin so that it can be segregated and recycled at our Materials Recycling Facility

Compost Bins

We also provide a Brown Compost Bin so you can reduce the amount of material going into the general waste bin and this in turn reduces waste disposal charges for our customers.

It is now law that any commercial premises dealing with food (eg restaurant, cafes, canteens etc) must segregate their food waste into a separate bin.

Glass Bins

We supply 3 separate bins for you to segregate your green, white and brown glass waste.


We also collect bags, bins, and bales of cardboard and plastic at great rates.

You can be confident that we are licensed to handle your waste in a manner that will comply with EPA Regulations.

For commercial business enquiries contact
us at info@kwd.ie or call 0818 37 37 37 - Option 1 for more details.